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Tour Dates

The Dead Lovers live.

12.09.11 – Heimat Hafen, Berlin
25.09.11 – Roadrunners Paradies, Berlin
03.12.11 – White Trash, Berlin
24.05.12 – Borderline, London
21.06.12 – Roter Salon, Berlin
29.06.12 – Junction Bar, Berlin
07.07.12 – Bochum Total, WAZ Stage
04.08.12 – Lott Festival
10.08.12 – Bassy Club, Berlin
28.12.12 – Junction Bar, Berlin
20.04.13 – Sonic Ballroom, Köln
25.04.13 – Kellerklub, Stuttgart
26.04.13 – Dreikönigskeller, Frankfurt
14.06.13 – Bassy Club, Berlin

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  9. Rose wrote on December 30, 2012 at 1:21 pm:

    Hi there,

    wonderful show on friday in the Junction Bar. Please more in the near future and all across Germany :) Can`t wait for the CD!

    PS: this side needs to be updated. ;) Shame, if someone`ld misses a show because it`s not on here.


  10. Doug H wrote on December 28, 2011 at 8:02 pm:

    I got turned on to your amazing voice by THE OTHER SIDE w/ Paul Van Dyk! Incredible stuff. My wife Dawn thinks you have one of the sexiest voices ! :) I picked you both solo albums and love ‘em! Just wanted to tell you I love your work!
    Have a Happy Holiday!

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