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Tour Dates

The Dead Lovers live.

12.09.11 – Heimat Hafen, Berlin
25.09.11 – Roadrunners Paradies, Berlin
03.12.11 – White Trash, Berlin
24.05.12 – Borderline, London
21.06.12 – Roter Salon, Berlin
29.06.12 – Junction Bar, Berlin
07.07.12 – Bochum Total, WAZ Stage
04.08.12 – Lott Festival
10.08.12 – Bassy Club, Berlin
28.12.12 – Junction Bar, Berlin
20.04.13 – Sonic Ballroom, Köln
25.04.13 – Kellerklub, Stuttgart
26.04.13 – Dreikönigskeller, Frankfurt
14.06.13 – Bassy Club, Berlin

The Wayne Jackson Double Pack Christmas Bundle

What better way to celebrate Christmas, Yuletide, the holiday period or the end of the world (depending on your religious or spiritual viewpoint) than by purchasing a special signed double set of Wayne Jackson solo albums, The Long Goodbye and Undercover Psycho. The all healing, all singing, all dancing double pack of signed Wayne Jackson solo albums. If you’re not already cool, owning these will definitely help.

For the very first time, these albums are available directly from Wayne’s online store at the ridiculous discount price of €11 for both. Yes…your eyes did not deceive. 11 effing Euros for two great albums. This offer is limited so please take advantage of it now.

Earlier this year Wayne retired from playing solo after being voted all time 11th most important musician from Manchester and these albums have now been deleted from Amazon, They are the last remaining stock from the original pressings and when these are gone there will be no more. If you don’t order now you will spend the rest of your days in deep regret.

Listen to stunning songs like Glorious, Hallelujah and Shine On in the comfort of your own cloister cell/secure unit/dark bedroom/lonely blog* or simply give them to friends as the best present they will ever receive. (*delete as appropriate)

Scientific research has suggested owning one or both of these albums can also improve your quality of life by up to 23%*. Earlier suggestions that Undercover Psycho has mystical healing powers have yet to be established scientifically but tests are still on going. (*possibly untrue)

Downloading them via Itunes or Amazon will cost you €9.94 each, but what better way to listen to this sublime music than by clutching a plastic CD case complete with a beautifully designed booklet containing all the lyrics and some very fetching photographs of Wayne wearing suits and looking convincingly moody..

Price: 11,00€